Oak Hill Cemetery, Overlooking Fern Ridge



Oak Hill Cemetery
The historic section at Oak HIll

Oak Hill Cemetery is one of Lane County's oldest and most beautiful historic cemeteries.  Founded in 1850, Oak Hill is situated on a gently sloping hillside overlooking Fern Ridge Lake and the coast range of the Cascade Mountains.  Deer, squirrels, numerous species of birds, and other wildlife are often seen in this quiet, pastoral setting.  Although far from busy roadways, Oak Hill Cemetery can be easily accessed from the Eugene area (see Directions), since it is only two miles west of the Eugene city limits.

When originally founded, the cemetery was only one acre in size and was the burial site of many early settlers of Lane County, including John Bailey who donated the land and was buried here in 1895.  Over a period of many years, the cemetery fell into disuse and became overgrown and was an easy target for vandals.  But in the early 1970's, additional acreage was added and the cemetery was reclaimed from the blackberries that had taken it over.


Oak Hill consists of approximately nine developed acres, including the original historic portion of the cemetery. In addition to the Historical Garden (limited spaces available to existing families only), Oak Hill offers new beautiful natural burial view-lots from Oak Crest.

New conventional burial rights are available in Country View, Peaceful Valley and Resurrection; and full body natural burials are available in the minimally mowed area of Return.

Natural cremated remains burial spaces are available in new garden sections; the Wildflower Border buffers Resurrection with a span of native wildflowers designed to seed the new meadow over time, and the Garden Path winds downhill through multiple turf and grass species, helping the cemetery to explore the diversity of grasses and groundcovers available for its future turf-conversion projects.

With six additional acres still available for development, and new sections for the natural burial of cremated remains for both people and pets, our families can be assured of having burial sites available for many decades to come (see Grave Pricing).


Unlike most rural, historic cemeteries, Oak Hill Cemetery is an "Endowment Care Cemetery," meaning that a percentage of the proceeds from each interment right that is sold are placed in an irreducible care fund.  Only the interest from this fund can ever be used, assuring client families that Oak Hill will always be well maintained and will never again fall into a state of disrepair.

A wide variety of markers, vaults, and other cemetery merchandise is available. Markers can be chosen after the burial or before; they can also be restored or replaced. Contact us directly for details.


In keeping with its historical culture, where simple wood coffins were placed directly in the earth, without the use of concrete vaults or liners, Oak Hill Cemetery has now designated an area for "natural earth interment" (sometimes referred to as "green burial" or "natural burial").  In this area, and in certain other designated areas of the cemetery, clients will no longer be required to purchase an "Outer Burial Container."  (See Natural Burials link for more information).

Cynthia Beal, founder of the Natural Burial Company, is now advising Oak Hill Cemetery on its natural burial program. The cemetery continues to offer the traditional casket-and-vault burials but is making new natural options available. To learn more about natural burial at Oak Hill, or to become involved in our volunteer habitat builders team, contact us by phone at the cemetery. We'd love to talk to you!

Street view in Spring
The view from Oak Hill Cemetery Road in Spring

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