Oak Hill Cemetery, Overlooking Fern Ridge


Oak Hill Cemetery's Historic Section
The historic section at Oak Hill

Oak Hill Cemetery is one of Lane County's oldest and most beautiful historic cemeteries.  Founded in 1850, Oak Hill is situated on a gently sloping west-facing hillside overlooking Fern Ridge Lake and the coast range of the Cascade Mountains.  Deer, squirrels, numerous species of birds, and other wildlife are often seen in this quiet, pastoral setting.  Although far from busy roadways, Oak Hill Cemetery can be easily accessed from the Eugene area (see Directions), since it is only two miles west of the Eugene city limits.

The cemetery is one of the first in Oregon to actively encourage natural burials and the use of biodegradable urns and coffins. Its location is well-suited for bird habitat, and the local Lane County wildlife find a ready home in this secluded and gently managed landscape.

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Cemetery Maps

Here are the maps to the cemetery's gardens and sections. The sections are marked with metal pins in the grass and can sometimes be hard to find, but if the grave has a marker the location should get you close enough without needing to use find the pins. 

Our Burial Book PDF  lists the individual burials with their locations.


<a href="https://www.oakhillonline.com/Country-View-map.jpg">Download Country-View-map.jpg (2065.1K)</a>

The Burial Book

Download or view the cemetery's burial book in PDF format here

It's organized alphabetically, by last name, followed by the Garden, Section, Block and Space of the burial. It's over fifty pages long and contains the records of over 2,000 burials. Numbered metal tags in the ground mark out the blocks.

  • Country View - CV
  • Historical - HIST
  • Oak Crest - OC
  • Peaceful Valley - PV
  • Resurrection - RES
  • Return - RET

Locate the graves on our map page.

Please note: Due to the age of the cemetery and the state of early record keeping, not all burials may be recorded here. In 2003, the first burial book was compiled by Otilya Lay and members of the Oregon Genealogical Society, based on markers in the cemetery. All interments in the cemetery's records are present as of 1996. Prior to that date, burials may not be listed if the family has failed to place a marker. The current cemetery ownership is in the process of completing the burial book record as time and resources are available.

If you notice an error, please send an email to the cemetery office (on the contact page) so that we can correct it.


Contact Us at Oak Hill

The historic section of Oak Hill in bloom
Visiting Hours: the cemetery is open to visitors with family or friends interred here from 8:30 am to EARLY dusk (5:00 pm in winter). Please note that gates are now being locked due to ensure security at night. If for any reason you feel you need access at other times, please contact cemetery management.

Office Hours: Our cemetery office is open by appointment only. 

To speak with us about arranging for a burial or cremated remains interment here, or for any other reason, please contact us by phone or email. 

Website :    www.oakhillonline.com       
E-mail:     [email protected]**
Telephone:  (541) 689-7800
Physical Address (MAP LINK):  
88558 Oak Hill Cemetery Road
Eugene, Oregon
Mailing Address:  
P.O. Box 2026
Eugene, Oregon  97402


 Licenses and Permits:   

  • Certified by State of Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services as a Certified Provider of Pre-arranged Cemetery Services and Merchandise.
  • Certificate to Operate a Cemetery Issued by State of Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board
  • Member: Cemetery Association of Oregon

Natural Burial at Oak Hill



Over a century ago, Oak Hill's very first graves - back when John Bailey first founded it for the citizens of Eugene - were natural; no vaults, mason-made markers, and simple wooden coffins were the norm. Inspired by the natural burial movement  spreading throughout existing cemeteries in the UK and the US, Oak Hill is working with the Natural Burial Company to recreate that pioneer tradition once more, but with a modern twist. 

A natural burial returns the body directly to the earth, unembalmed, and in a biodegradable coffin or shroud. Vaults or grave-liners are not required if a natural biodegradable container is used.  

We now have The Meadow, dedicated to full body natural burials in an unmowed area, and the Wildflower Border for natural cremations, and natural burials - both cremated and full body remains - are encouraged in all parts of the cemetery. 

And if you're just buying a plot today, natural burials are all that we allow at this time, and going forward.

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